Two favourite foods that are killing us!!!

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Today’s post is about a simple way to help you and your loved ones to improve your health, support weight loss and yes increase leanness.

It does require some exercise – the exercise of willpower…

Just about the worst 2 foods you can eat / ingest / scarf down are…fries and soft drinks (soda to our American friends!)

Yep – just removing these two ‘foods’ from your diet will lead to improved health, less fat storage, less whole body inflammation and more besides.

This is NOT to say that avoiding fries’ ‘ Soft drinks will cure all diseases known to man, nor will it overnight cure diabetes, obesity or heart disease BUT if enough folk did eliminate these 2 foods from their diet the cumulative effect would be an amazing decrease in overall illness from diseases like those mentioned above.

We’d simply be a healthier society with healthier individuals in it.

Why you ask? Well…

two foods that kill

Pretty much most ‘foods’ or food-like substances have something in that is semi / sort of ‘good’ for you…

In the case of soft drinks they have water. And water is essential for life and wellbeing. But we can water from a whole lot of other sources without having to take on board all of the other crap that soft drinks / soda contain…

Soda is either loaded with sugar (usually of the high fructose corn syrup variety see this post for the evils associated with that), added sugar (variation of dextrose, maltose, sucrose or HFCS again) certainly have loads of chemicals and colourings and even sodium.

In the US of A up to 25% of daily calories come from sugar with a whopping 7% from soft drinks / sodas. That is a lot of sugar, a lot of insulin spiking, a lot of fat storage and a lot of body inflammation right there…

Okay so you’ll drink the zero sugar ones…not so fast!! The diet ones use artificial sweeteners and whilst the jury is still out on their long term effects on human beings (and some of the more hysterical internet rants & warnings have been disproven) they still carry lots of other chemicals & colourings. And they still not be good for you. An increasing body of research shows that people who drink diet drinks actually stimulate their appetite and can sabotage their diets through this mechanism…

Which brings us to fries. They’re made out of potato and spuds are essentially benign aren’t they? Again – it depends. If you are making your own fries (their thicker cousins – chips) from whole potatoes store or market bought and  you are either oven baking or at least frying in lard (yep lard!) then you will end up with a food that has some redeeming features. I mean they would be filling, trans-fat and colouring free. Still not great but acceptable now and again.

The truth is that the store bought fries are loaded with sodium, have colourings added for colour in many cases and are flavoured with more salt and sugar to increase their tastiness. (remember we are genetically wired to love salty and sweet foods and fast food manufacturers in fact processed food manufacturers use this to sell more products.) The potatoes (maybe good quality maybe not) are fried in one of the those pro-inflammatory seed (called vegetable – see marketing) oils which are so high in omega-6 like canola or blended oils – which oil can be used and re-used numerous times before being replaced with ‘fresh’ oil. Two things here – reusing high omega-6 oils for cooking makes them even more prone to become trans-fat laden, more carcinogenic and when I say fresh – I mean not yet cooked in. Most ‘seed’ oils are already rancid when you buy them off the supermarket shelf, never mind about the ones that are supplied by food services.

So trans-fat filled, chemical / sugared / salted yumminess is what a fry basically is. Add to this by glugging down a few teaspoons of sugar, colourings and more chemicals and you have the complete meal if you want to induce inflammation, insulin spikes, fat storage, damage insulin sensitivity, and support the likelihood of diabetes, heart disease and obesity. And that’s before we even think about portion size…

Many folk say that the advice on nutrition is confusing because expert A disagrees with Expert B or opinions change (Remember the crap about no eggs because they’ll raise your cholesterol and give you heart disease which was scientifically proven only it was wrong…).

And you’re right it is confusing and made even more so by the various lobby groups and manufacturers who ‘support’ scientific and University studies into the effects of various ‘simple foods (like sugar) on people.

It’s a play straight out of the Big Tobacco playbook – confuse & muddy the issues and sell lots in the meantime and then say ‘The best available research of the time…’

However when it comes to fries and soft drinks / sodas the only folk you’ll find defending these quasi-foods are the paid spokespeople of the manufacturers or the companies that retail them. Even the oft trotted out ‘as a part of a balance diet’ argument is no longer supported.

Remove these 2 foods from your diet and from that of the people you care about – your body and theirs will thank you by giving you better health and less chance of unnecessary disease.

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Be well and think before you put stuff in your mouth…


Fructose, but not glucose, knocks your metabolism backwards!!

Welcome back – A short sharp post this week…

Glucose & fructose are both types of sugar and they are both the ones most often mentioned in a negative health context. Fructose, particularly in the form of High Fructose Corn Syrup, continues to gain a (deservedly in my opinion) reputation in both nutruitional & medical circles.

Brown suagr - just one of the many forms of this carb that abound in our diets...

It has been linked in numerous (and a growing number of) studies with a wide range of preventative illnesses. Obesity, type 2 diabetes, increased whole body inflammation, deranged insulin processing, altered liver function, increased risk of heart disease and is now being considered an adictive substance.

A recent study . namely:  Cox CL, et al.Consumption of fructose-sweetened beverages for 10 weeks reduces net fat oxidation and energy expenditure in overweight/obese men and women. (Advance online publication European Journal of Clinical Nutrition on 28 September 2011)

In this study glucose & fructose were lined up head to head for 10 weeks. Overweight and obese men and women were fed glucose or fructose sweetened drinks for this time period. The sugar content was designed to represent 25% of the daily energy requirements of these folk.  (If they normally eat 2400 calories a day then the sugar content was 600 calories  – about over 150grams.

Whilst there were a whole lot of measurements were taken of the participants the two of real interest to us are: Metabolism after eating (measured fat oxidation) and measuring theiur BMR (basal or ‘at rest’ metabolic rate)

The resulting measurement of these two areas showed that the consumption of high amounts of fructose (let’s face 25% of your daily calroes as fructose, or glucose or any other sugar IS a lit!) led to significant reductions in both measures. Inother words it slowed down the participants metabolisms both after eating (where you would expect in usual circumstances at lease a small spike upwards due to the Thermic effect of food) and at reast. Don’t forget we burn most of our calories at rest.

Fructose in fruit = good, as corn syrup = BAD!!

What was surprising was that these reductions were not seen with the same level of glucose consumption.  Based on this it would be correct to assusme that on a gram for gram basis, fructose carries a much larger potential for adding fat to your body than does glucose.

So what do we  conclude from this? That glucose is good & fructose is bad? That we should therfore eat glucose laden foods with abandon and at the same time forgo all fruit?

No. The amounts of sugars in this experiment were large and hopefully way above anything you or your loved ones consume. What this does show though is that high amounts of fructose can harm health, and can be viewed as being more damaging than glucose.

So still eat fruit but cut down on if not entirely eleiminate ay processed food with Fructose (especially in the HFCS form) to protect your health & stay a bit leaner.

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