Lose up to 20lbs in 30 Days

The Lose 20 in 30 Program is based around the premise of disrupting your body’s current state of energy homeostasis by re-conditioning your metabolism.

By utilising the realistic techniques of the Lose 20 in 30 program the issues that assailed me during my journey will be taken away completely for you. There are things that work, and have worked for 100’s of folk and continue to work today, and will tomorrow. Best of all, all of these things can be controlled by you.

Real results for people with real lives to lead...

My guarantee is simple – by following this program you will lose up to 20 pounds in 30 days, become leaner and stronger, you will re-condition your metabolism, you will re-program your eating habits and take more control of your life. If you don’t achieve this you get your money back – no ifs and no buts, & most of all with no hassles.

I have designed this program to address the biggest issues faced by people who are nearly 40 or over 40 years of age – a slowing metabolism and a state of bodily homeostasis that wants to hold onto fat. As far as I know this is the only workable, realistic program available that is specifically designed for the nearly 40’s to over 40 set.

Make no mistake this program will work for anyone looking to lose fat and become leaner, not just the over 40’s.

Your entire family can follow this program. The issues of hormones, metabolism and homeostasis affect everyone who is not lean to one degree or another so the methods to fix these problems will work for anyone. The difference is that the Lose 20 in 30 program has been designed specifically for the over 40’s.

The Lose 20 in 30 program is a kick-start to this process and

You can look this good once you recondition your metabolism...

will not only rid you of up to 20 pounds of fat in 30 days but it will teach you the exercise habits and techniques, the dietary thinking and approaches, the mindset and how to use this most efficiently and effectively in your own life.

If you are serious about kick-starting your new fit & lean body then the easy to follow, complete ‘Lose 20 in 30’ program is available as a downloadable ebook, complete with Fuel, Food & Diet Guides, workout routines, exercise descriptions, A Metabolism Primer Guide, A Guide to Hormone Manipulation (by an everyday diet and 1 trick), workout logs and a quick start guide. I have even developed and included a couple of special bonuses.

Yes it will take application and some work on your part to achieve results – but at this stage of our lives we all know that nothing worthwhile is totally free.

What is free is the program if you write and tell me inside 60 days of purchase that it just did not work for you.

If you are already on your way, this program will give you the exact techniques to use for people like us  – don’t forget I spent over 10 years getting this right by taking part in, examining, testing & trying heaps of fitness programs, products, fads, fantasies, methods and systems! Hidden in all the hype, in all the bull, there were indeed some effective methods (but no real secrets) that enable ordinary folks like us to achieve rapid, permanent fat loss and fitness. Over the last 10+ years I have found, tested and used these techniques with a view to adapting them for the 40 & beyond age group.

The core principles and methodology that I have developed and given you a taste of today will provide you with the means of losing up to 20 pounds in only 30 days and lay the foundation for a fit & lean future beyond that.

www.lose-20-lbs-in-30-days.com – coming in October 2011.

You’ll find an entire program there that will enable you to jump start your fat loss and get you ready in just 30 days for the rest of your fit lean life. After all being lean, fit & sexy is not just for the younger than 40 set.

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