Geoff Hetherington is a Husband, a Father, a Martial Artist, a fitness expert & enthusiast, writer and the founder with his wife Lynne, of Body Shape Shifters.

He has worked internationally as a senior corporate executive, across numerous industries, in Australia and Asia and finally got tired of running other people’s businesses instead of doing what he has always wanted to do – helping others realise their personal potential by getting fit & lean.

With a Bachelor of Education in Physical Education, Diplomas in Vitamins, Minerals & Nutrition  and over 2 decades of research & study behind him Geoff believes that he has found the most effective strategies for the 40+ to get lean, fit, strong, sexy & healthy in the most time efficient manner possible.

Geoff spent over 15 years of very real, very personal failures suffered with just about every one of the various exercise and diet strategies available. Getting no sustainable results, Geoff became increasingly disillusioned and frustrated with the amount of misinformation on the market. Most of it was aimed at the teen to thirty markets and seemed to not realise that real people have real responsibilities like family & work and all that goes with them. Nor did the latest & greatest wonder supplements ever work.

Tired of the BS and out of sheer frustration he became committed to finding the best ways kick start rapid & sustainable fat loss whilst developing a lean & fit body. His programs ‘Lose 20 in 30©’ and ‘Counterclockwise©’ represent the fruits of his labours. Easy to follow, doable by real people in the real world with real responsibilities these programs work. Not just for the nearly 40 to over 40’s but for anyone serious about becoming sustainably leaner, fitter, stronger and healthier. Lynne reckons that sexier is a by product as well. (Geoff is 51 years of age and looks no more than a youthful 40 – a fact he puts down to living what he preaches. Likewise Lynne – a gentleman never mentions a Lady’s age – let’s just say the same 10 year younger rule applies)

Between them Lynne & Geoff lost over 30 Kilos (66lbs) on the Lose 20 in 30 Program – so they know it works!

Geoff & Lynne founded Body Shape Shifters so that they could share the BSS protocols, nutrition, diet recipes and lifestyle with others, letting them know that it not just possible but actually doable to lose weight rapidly and sustainably – without putting the rest of your life on semi-permanent hold. It does not matter if every program you have ever tried has let you down in the past – this one will work if you work it! A fit, lean, healthy lifestyle is possible by using these proven, simple and effective methods – and in just a couple of hours a week – not hours every day!! Guaranteed.